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Says Ms. Schmitz: “I make sure my clients understand what we have done during each visit and can replicate our achievements before I leave. Further, many businesses’ top management (‘C-Suite’) seems to use vocabulary with requirements counter-intuitive to those they manage. I have been up and down this ladder. I ensure all stakeholders understand and can communicate effectively with each other.”

Ms. Schmitz worked more than 30 years projects through all stages of development in a variety of organizations. Our achievements span the fields of biochemistry, software, hardware & website development, entrepreneurial start-ups, manufacturing operations, retail small business creation, and overseas manufacturing. This breadth and depth of skills allows us to provide solutions for our clients far beyond the ordinary.

Do Not Miss the Magic

©2008 Wiley Ink, Inc. — NonSequitor

CAPRICORN: You can’t expect people to know what you know. Even the basics, such as how to be civil, have to be taught. You’ll save a lot of time by working with those who are already up to speed.

This is my horoscope for today, December 5th 2013. Those of you who follow horoscopes or who hang out with Capricorns know that we do not suffer well the antics of fools. At first glance, this seems a very apropos lifestyle. I could surround myself with those already up to speed and continue down my path full steam ahead. 

I am reminded of an exercise that taught me something very different. In this exercise, I was tasked with sorting playing cards that had been shuffled together: four decks of varying colored packs. I had three ‘helpers’. I am very good at sorting patterns especially when people don’t distract me. My helpers, unbeknownst to me, had been tasked with distracting me but also making truly helpful suggestions. I set about my task – and ignoring everything else. I actually took completed card decks and shoved them in my pants pockets so no one else could mess up my completed work (or improve upon my work, I realize in hindsight). It was clever and humorous at the same time.

The exercise involved a retrospective to help me understand my actions. I was not listening to my ‘helpful’ team. I was not soliciting advice from someone who might actually know something about the task that I did not know. Perhaps someone even knew better than I. My team might even allow the task to be completed faster and more efficiently if I allowed them to help.

The exercise was run a second time. I allowed myself to inhale and exhale. I listened to my team who turned out did have helpful advice. They were not out to cause me harm. Our cards were sorted quickly and correctly and we had time left to test them.

I still have one of the decks of cards used in this exercise; different cards signed by my ‘team’, my teachers. This deck is my reminder that I can surround myself with only those who are already up to speed. But if I do, I might miss the magic.