When Is the Best Time to Change?

Before one has to.

I have led a life of change. You’d think I would be pretty good at it. I suffer the same challenges as everyone else. It’s uncomfortable. I get angry, cranky, difficult to be around. 

What my experiences have taught me is how to recognize the many symptoms of change in others. Change is hard, there is no denying this. Nobody wants to go through the disruption of comfortable patterns without a guarantee that something positive will result. 

Even rock-solid  facts and figures from a  host of similar industries cannot assure the most die-hard skeptics that the solution from this salesman will work for you. You’re busy. Crunch time is just ahead. This time-saving scheme just won’t work here, not here!

So let’s start small.

Beth Schmitz Consulting uses different techniques than the competition. Disruption of workflow is against the rules. We have techniques designed to test small-scale operations so you understand how your customers will react to any larger business decisions you choose to make before you implement them. Isn’t that the kind of confidence we’d all like to have?

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